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I just want to discuss this for a moment. Not only is it adorable, but it showcases so many emotions of that first encounter with someone you like.

George; When George first notices Meg his eyes fixate on her for a moment and he straightens his file as his body tenses with anxiousness. He then looks down when he realizes that she isn’t looking at him and continues to look down for ages. You can clearly see that he is thinking how to initiate a conversation, how to not act dumb in front of someone so beautiful. I love how he balls his fist because he is so tensed around her and then takes a deep breath and relaxes his fingers before blinking up and slightly sighing over the silence. Also the way he purses his lips together because there’s so much he wants to say but he doesn’t know where to begin so he just stands there smiling and secretly marvelling over Meg.

Meg; Everything about her is innocently seductive. I love the way her eyes flick over at him slightly embarrassed and she looks down when he gazes towards her but secretly glances back from the corner of her eye and smirks a little because she is attracted to him. The way she holds her file tight against her chest because she too is nervous and shy. I love that the little quirkiness of Meg is when she tucks her hair behind her ear. It’s such a gentle yet flirtatious move. She glances at George while doing it with a cute smile hoping that he’s staring at her or that he notices she’s looking and that she’s interested. Then she peeks back and sways a little and they both continue to pretend they’re waiting for the train when in actual fact both are waiting for one another to say “hello”.

Everything about this short scene is packed with so many emotions that even I get butterflies for them as characters. I think Disney portrayed this so beautifully. The innocence of love between a boy and girl back in the 1940’s. Such a simple encounter of meeting your “true love”. 

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This is why that guy who said “there’s no reason for me to care about these characters getting together” annoys me. Yes there is, it’s just shown subtlely and effectively through wordless animation instead of having it forcefully laid out in your face

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